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Any updates to the site will be annotated on this page so be sure to check here often.

03/31/2018 This quarterly update includes: All date references are being changed to 4 digit, fixed photo title for 804A:2 to F7A, thanks to Peter Arnold for letting me know.
Updated roster in "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "EMD GP7-9-20's"
Still finding errors in the source code, correcting all errors as I find them.
12/31/2017 This quarterly update includes: Minor editing to various areas of text.
10/20/2017 This out of sequence update includes: New CZ related post cards added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "CZ Post Cards".
New post card added under "About the WP" - "Post Cards".
09/30/2017 This quarterly update includes: New additions in "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "EMD GP40's" and "EMD GP40-2's".
Updated the Reference section "WP Online Home" - "References".
New CZ related post cards added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "CZ Post Cards".
06/30/2017 This quarterly update includes: New additions in "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "EMD GP35's" and "EMD GP40's".
New CZ related post cards added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "CZ Post Cards".
04/22/2017 The complete site is now back up including all the archive pages including the diesels and freight equipment. Found and fixed some minor errors that crept in. Please let me know if you experience any problems with the site.
04/18/2016 Continuing work on the remaining portions of the site. Most of the freight car archives are now online.
04/15/2017 The site is back up after major work on the source code which will make it easier to make changes across all pages of the site if needed and makes the site much smaller disk space wise. The archive pages for diesels and freight equipment are still being converted and will be back up ASAP.
12/31/2016 This quarterly update includes: New a new addition on the "links" page and minor code clean-up. No major updates where accomplished this past quarter.
09/30/2016 This quarterly update includes: New Time Table added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "Public Time Tables".
New Accident Report added under "Reports" - "Accident Reports" - "1960's".
New additions in "Photo Archive's" under "Passenger Equipment".
New title added on "WP Online Home" - "References".
06/29/2016 This quarterly update includes:
New additions in the "Photo Archives" - "Freight Equipment" -"Auto Racks",
"Photo Archives" - "Box Cars"-"50' Ins Box Cars",
"Photo Archives" - "Freight Equipment" - "Cabooses",
"Photo Archives" - "Freight Equipment" - "Flat Cars",
"Photo Archives" - "Maintenance of Way" - "Outfit Cars",
"Photo Archives" - "Diesel Locomotives" - "Cab Units",
and "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "Cab Units".
Rosters updated in "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "EMD GP7, 9, 20's",
"Locomotive Survivors" - "Switchers".
New brochures added under "About the WP" - "Brochures".
New Time Tables added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "Public Time Tables".
A new section covering movies that include the CZ has been added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "Movies".
New CZ related brochures added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "Brochures".
Many new post cards added under "About the WP" - "Post Cards".
12/31/2015 I want to thank Urs Häni for bringing errors on multiple pages in the California Zephyr section to my attention, all of which have now been rewritten with corrected information.

This quarterly update includes: New Time Tables added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "Public Time Tables".
New Brochures added under "About the WP" - "Brochures".
Many new CZ related brochures added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "Brochures".
CZ consists at "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - California Zephyr" - "CZ Consists" has been completely revised.
There is a new section devoted to Post Cards featuring the Western Pacific under "About the WP" - "Post Cards"
and a Post Card section featuring the California Zephyr at "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "CZ Post Cards".
New additions in "Photo Archives" - "Freight Equipment" - "Box Cars" - "50' Box Cars" - "38000-38199" and "38200-45200",
"Photo Archives" - "Freight Equipment" - "Box Cars" - "50' Insulated" - "37000-62225",
as well as in "Flat Cars".
New additions in "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "EMD GP40's" and in
"Photo Archives" - "Passenger Equipment".
09/30/2015 I wish to thank Cliff West for sharing his collection of Western Pacific slides for use on the site. They have been scanned and returned to Cliff with a CD of the images, thanks again Cliff.

This quarterly update includes: Additions in the reference section under "WP Online Home" - "References".
New additions in the "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "Switchers", "EMD GP35's", "EMD GP40's", "EMD GP40-2's and in "Photo Archives" - "Diesel Locomotives" - "Cab Units".
New Time Tables added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "Public Time Tables".
06/30/2015 This quarterly update includes: Many new CZ related brochures added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "California Zephyr" - "Brochures".
Passenger diagrams for the CZ cars and the RDC have been updated under "Diagrams" - "Passenger" - "1954 Diagrams".
New Time Tables added under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations" - "Public Time Tables".
New Brochures added under "About the WP" - "Brochures".
New Advertisement added under "About the WP" - "Advertising" - "CZ Ads".
New additions in the "Photo Archives" - "Locomotive Survivors" - "Switchers", "GP40's" and "GP40-2's" area's and in the "Photo Archives" - "Diesel Locomotives" - "Cab Units" area.
03/26/2015 This quarterly update includes: A new section for Public Passenger Time Tables has been created under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations". All public time tables, including the California Zephyr time tables, are located here. Many new timetables have been added with this change.
New additions in the "Auto Rack", "Flat Car" and "Hopper" sections of "Freight Equipment" under "Photo Archives".
New additions in the "Survivors" GP40 area under "Photo Archives" and the Survivors GP40 roster has been updated.
New additions in "Passenger Equipment" under "Photo Archives".
The biographies for President Harry Adams and Benjamin Bush have been updated under "About the WP" - "History" - "Presidents".
Many minor corrections and updates throughout the site, contact email address has changed.
12/30/2014 This quarterly update includes: A new addition in the "Survivors" F unit area and the roster has been updated, new additions in the "Survivors" GP35 and GP40 areas under "Photo Archives".
New additions in the "Hopper" and "Gondola" sections of "Freight Equipment" and in "Passenger Equipment" under "Photo Archives".
New ad in the "Manufacturers" section of "Advertising" under "About the WP".
New chapters added in the company history and additions/corrections made on existing chapters.
The Marine section has been updated with new information and new areas for brochures, timetables, dining service paper items, menus, and playing cards have been added in the "California Zephyr" section under "Railroad Operations" - "Passenger Operations".
All advertising, including the California Zephyr ads are in the "Advertising" section under the menu heading "About the WP". Added new brochures in the "Brochures" section under "About the WP".
A new "Legal Notices" page with a new privacy policy and web site disclaimer has been added under "WP Online Home".
Added a missing link to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum on the Links page.
The site is now HTML 4.01 transitional compliant so should display properly on all newer browsers.
09/30/2014 This quarterly update includes: New Brochures have been added in the Brochures area.
New additions in the survivors GP40 and Switcher areas and the switchers roster has been updated in the archives survivors section. Added images in the Passenger Equipment area of the archives.
With new information provided by Matthew Vurek information on presidents Christy, Marquis, Whitman, Elsey, Mitchell and Perlman has been updated. Some work accomplished on the history section, still much more to do.
06/29/2014 Roster updates and new additions in the survivors GP40 area of the archives section.
04/25/2014 New additions in the U30b area of diesel locomotives and the GP40 area of the survivors in the archives section.
Finally the Annual Reports section is finished with the addition of the 1938 and 1941 reports. Found and corrected a major error in the menus for WP's diesel locomotives, this area is now reachable through the menu.
03/14/2014 New additions in the GP40 and switcher areas of the survivors in the archives section. Rearranged the Brochures page for a better screen "fit".
01/24/2014 Made corrections to and updated information on the "Stairway of Power" page in the Feather River Canyon section. Also added Google Earth coordinates for the powerhouses and dams. Updated the References page.
01/08/2014 Menu items have been rearranged for easier, I hope, site navigation. The Privacy Policy has been updated. California Zephyr advertisements have been moved to the CZ area.  Found and corrected an error in coding that affected a few pages as well as a few bad links. More new additions in the archives/survivors area. Corrected the description associated with the photo associated with 918A in the archives area and added the 918A2 thanks to Russell for pointing out my error.
01/06/2014 In order to better reflect the contents of the site it is being renamed to Western Pacific Railroad History Online. This name more closely follows the Mission Statement adopted for the site at its inception so many years ago.
01/04/2014 New brochures have been added, there are new additions in the archives/survivors area, the references list has been updated. More code clean-up and spelling corrections have been accomplished.
12/15/2013 Installed a new menu system that links the whole site from the one menu. Advertising now has its own section and includes more ads than just those related to the California Zephyr.
12/6/2013 Changed photos on the main page. Added a new auto rack image in the freight car archives. A new section has been created which has some of the brochures which showcased the scenic line of the Western Pacific. Many more additions and upgrades to the site are planned.
10/21/2013 The Annual Report section is now complete with the addition of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Some chapters in the History section have been rewritten and updated with new material. Work continues in this area. Many additional images have been added in the Photo Archives including passenger equipment.
8/19/2013 All 1930's and 1940's Annual Reports are now online with the exception of 1938 and 1941. I do not have these in my collection. If you know where I can obtain them or borrow them for scanning let me know. New additions in the survivors area also in the freight cars area of the Photo Archives. The next site update will be towards the end of the year.
8/18/2013 1930 and 1931 Annual Reports are now online.
5/12/2013 Those pages that have menu's on the left side have a new menu structure and look.
5/9/2013 Maintenance of Way photo section is now completely available. Corrections made on locomotive survivor pages.
5/7/2013 The first of the Maintenance of Way photo pages is now online in the "Photo Archives" section.
5/5/2013 The locomotive "Survivor" pages are now available. RDC pages have been re-done in the Passenger section.
4/29/2013 Steam locomotive specification pages are now available on the site. Revising other pages as needed.
4/23/2013 All of the 1920 Annual Reports are now available on the site.
4/22/2013 1920-1924 Annual Reports are now available.
4/21/2013 1982 Annual Report added, Accident report pages redone to open in new window.
4/19/2013 Annual Reports through 1919 are now up on the site, as well as 1980 and 1981.
3/24/2013 Finally getting the Annual Reports up on the site.
1/31/2013 Updated steam roster with correct builder numbers for the 4-8-4's. Thanks to Antonio for pointing out my error.
7/25/2012 Still cleaning up page code for more efficient loading. Work being done on "under construction" pages.
7/15/2012 Made a few changes to the site and cleaned up some of the page code.
3/1/2012 Added the 50' insulated box car pages to the Photo Archives.
2/28/2012 Added the 50' box car pages to the Photo Archives, cleaned some other areas of the site.
2/25/2012 Added the center flow hopper pages to the Photo Archives.
2/23/2012 Renamed menu selection "Equipment Diagrams" to "Diagrams" and added yard diagrams from the WP Training Manual. Fixed a major problem in some menu selections.
2/21/2012 Reformatted and added images to the CZ servicing pages, added 60' box cars in the Photo Archives section.
2/19/2012 I continue to add pages to the site and clean up previously uploaded pages. Added a links page which I had inadvertently forgotten.
2/17/2012 The "New Site" is now online. There are still many new pages to add and complete some of the content on the site now. This process will be ongoing.
1/31/2012 Diesel and Freight photo pages nearing completion. Many other areas of the site being edited.
1/15/2012 Continue to add content including photos of equipment.
12/30/2011 Not going to make the January 1 date for the site to be up, adding more content.
12/1/2011 Rescanning slides and adding to the site. Hoping to have new site up on January 1, 2012.
9/2/2011 Editing and adding content for the new look site.
8/15/2011 Operations pages have been added.
7/30/2011 Equipment diagrams have been scanned and pages have been added.
6/29/2011 Motive power pages have been added.
5/13/2011 The site is being ported over to Expression Web and missing information is being added.
12/26/2010 After an absence of far to long the site is coming back up. Although all the rewrites are not complete yet I am working on them as well as scanning new photos for inclusion on the site. Having the information available is important.
10/1/2007 Site taken down for complete rewrite of all areas and to add new information.
6/28/2007 Well the new look of the site was too slow loading so I have gone back to the previous style.
6/7/2007 Finally updating the site. New look and new documentation is being added including accident reports and annual reports. The passenger train area has been totally redone.
10/22/2006 Changed E-Mail address to help cut down on SPAM! Removed the Discussion Board area for now.
8/26/2006 Finally, with the addition of the low hood motive power photo pages all of the roster photos are up on the site. There are also changes in the California Zephyr area and new photos have been added to the survivor pages.
7/3/2006 Added advertising images in the CZ section.
6/7/2006 High Hood units have been added to the photo archives.
4/4/2006 F units have been added to the photo archives.
2/11/2006 Coding errors on the pages I hope have been corrected. Switcher photos have been added and the survivors section has been updated.
2/4/2006 Steam locomotive rosters, class list and specifications have been added. The Steam Photo pages have been updated.
1/16/2006 Center flow hoppers have been added to the freight car photos.
1/15/2006 Freight car images are being added. Currently Auto racks and Caboose images are available.
1/8/2006 Changing ISP’s and trying to keep all the links working correctly. If some get broken please be patient I will get them fixed.
12/26/2005 The steam locomotive photographs are back.
12/25/2005 Some of the diesel survivor sections are back. The others will be back shortly.
June-December 2005 Many upgrades to the site have been accomplished, mainly the new look. I am continuing to upgrade all of the material that will be presented here.
7/13/2001 The Feather River Rail Society now has its own domain name and web site. There will no longer be any Feather River Rail Society items on this site.
8/1/1999 Finally! The WP pages that I edit are now all under one domain. It has been a year since the last update to the WP pages and I apologize. With my new duties as director and editor of publications for the Feather River Rail Society plus new duties at my paying job updates have not taken place. That will change and new areas will also be added. Steam is coming.
10/17/97 With the help of Petr Sinagl the broken links, photo's that won't load, etc. are being fixed. Thanks Petr.
10/4/97 A new page has been added. I was going through some old black & white photos and found these. The new page is The Western Pacific Photo Archive, Black & White Images. More will be added.
10/2/97 The Western Pacific Photo Archive, Box Cars page has some new additions as does The Western Pacific Photo Archive, Hopper Cars page.
9/28/97 Many new plans added to the Drawings of Western Pacific Equipment page including box cars and passenger cars.
9/15/97 The Maintenance of Way Equipment page has been upgraded to the "New Image".
9/14/97 Another new page! This one has some photos of Wrecks on the WP.
9/13/97 The Central California Traction Company Photo Archive pages have a new look. The Sacramento Northern Photo Archive pages also have been redone. The Drawings of Western Pacific Equipment page has "many" new additions. Many other small changes accomplished which just clean up the pages.
9/11/97 The Scenic Views page has been removed and replaced with Views of the WP in Action. The Tidewater Southern Photo Archive has also been updated with a new look. The listing for Silver Dollar has been updated on the California Zephyr Passenger Cars Owned by the Western Pacific page. To quote Dave Varilek "The car reportedly has a very nice body, but is stripped to within an inch of it's life. Most all parts are present, but it's now a kit....a very large kit!"
9/9/97 Added a new page that covers The Feather River Canyon. It takes awhile to load but I hope you enjoy it.
8/30/97 The Manufacturers, Distributors page has new entries, the Book Dealers page has new entries and there is now a searchable database for magazine articles located on the Magazines page. I have also added my Favorite Links page.
8/29/97 A new section covering Outfit Cars has been added to the Maintenance of Way Photo Archive. New photos added to Hood Units, The SACRAMENTO NORTHERN Photo Archive and the TIDEWATER SOUTHERN Photo Archive.
8/14/97 New images have been added to the FRRS roster pages. A new section for Drawings of Western Pacific Equipment has been added.
8/6/97 A new page has been added to the WP photo archives covering pool power and other visitors to the WP, look in "Western Pacific Visitors ". Cleaned up and changed the pages some more. New photos added in Hood Units and Switchers.
7/30/97 The pages did not get uploaded on Thursday as I had hoped. My ISP had a serious lack of disk space, here's hoping I can get the pages uploaded today.
7/24/97 I am in the process of having the pages rated by SafeSurf and RSAC. All of the pages on this site are safe for viewing by persons of all ages.
6/27/97 Added a new page off of the modeling page to show some of the modeling projects I have underway. It also gives me a push to complete some models!
6/25/97 Updated the Electronics Parts & Suppliers and Software Products pages. Fixed spelling errors on a few pages and corrected some links.
6/2/97 Cleaned up some pages and added links to Ken Rattenne's page for WP and Tidewater Southern info.
5/23/97 Added some scans of a few of the decal sheets on the decals page.
5/18/97 New photos added to the FRRS Roster pages, The Western Pacific Railroad Historical Society Pages added. (WPRRHS pages still under construction)
5/6/97 Added the AAR Codes from 1967 ORER. Thanks to Doug Trueblood for these.
4/27/97 Added the SACRAMENTO NORTHERN and TIDEWATER SOUTHERN photo pages
4/23/97 Added the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA TRACTION CO. photo page
4/8/97 Still making small corrections to the pages. The Feedback page has been removed as my ISP does not support it. Will be looking for an alternative to that page.
4/5/97 Finally! All the new pages have been uploaded. I hope you enjoy the new look.
4/2/97 Attempted to upload the new pages. Glitch with my ISP prevented that from happening.
3/15/97 I'm hoping to have this all up tonight. Redoing all the pages has taken longer than I thought.
3/4/97 The pages will now be edited with Microsoft FrontPage 97. This will let me take advantage of new and exciting ideas for web page editing as well as make it easier to keep track of what I'm doing with the pages.