California Zephyr 16 Section Sleepers

“A distinctively styled car with sixteen semi-private sections” was the description used for the open section sleepers on the California Zephyr. Each car running directly behind the diner boasted seating for thirty-two passengers in the sixteen semi-private sections. Two of the sections were six feet eight inches long, which made them ideal for the tall traveler.

Men’s and women’s toilet facilities were available separately, one at each end of the car with the men’s room having two toilets. Color blending throughout the car was of a restful Rose-tan, Norway blue, petal beige and green. All windows were double width with venetian blinds. Foam-type cushioning in the seats added to the charm and comfort of these cars. Narrow partitions parallel to the aisle at the edge of each permanent headboard helped give a feeling of privacy for travelers in these cars.

Built to BUDD plan 9507 CB&Q cars 400, 401 carried the names Silver Maple and Silver Larch. D&RGW cars 1120, 1121 had the names Silver Aspen and Pine while WP 871, 872 were Silver Palm and Poplar. In 1952 CB&Q added car 402 the Silver Cedar built to plan 9532.

Until being rebuild into 48 seat chair cars in 1963-64 these cars ran in front of the third 10-6 sleeper, after rebuilding they were placed immediately behind the baggage car and ran in peak seasons only. CB&Q changed their car numbers to reflect this new usage by renumbering the 400 and 401 to 4742 and 4743. Car names remained the same.

16 Section Sleeper Door Right
16 Section Sleeper Door Left