U30B Survivors

WP's fleet of General Electric U30Bs had been in storage for almost a year when the merger was approved although five that had been pressed into temporary service because of the end of the Burlington Northern power pool and remained in service into 1983. These 19 units were built as WP 751-769 in 1967-1969. WP 765 was wrecked in 1971 and the remaining 18 units were renumbered to WP 3051-3069 in 1972. As built they were equipped with GE traction motors, mounted in trade-in EMD trucks.

In February 1983 the five units then in use were removed from service and stored with the others, first at Stockton, California, then at Portola, California, and later at Salt Lake City, Utah. In September 1983 they were sent to Omaha, Nebraska, to be stripped of usable parts and retired. 3051 was spared the scrappers torch when it was donated to the Feather River Rail Society in Portola, California.