Walter John Bartnett March 3, 1903 - June 23, 1905

Walter John Bartnett was born at Pacheco, Contra Costa County, California on May 22, 1866. He graduated from Boys High School in San Francisco, California in May 1886. He then attended the University of California (College of Letters) from 1886-1890 and received the degree of Bachelor's in Arts. He then went to Hastings College of the Law, from which he earned the degree of Bachelor of Laws. He was admitted to the bar of the State Supreme Court in June, 1890 and became a member of the law firm of Gunnison, Booth & Bartnett in 1895.

With his associates John and James Treadwell he helped built the 36-mile Alameda & San Joaquin Railroad from Stockton southwest to the Tesla coalmines and served as vice-president. He was named president when the original Western Pacific was formed in 1903. He served as president until June 23, 1905 when he assumed the duties of vice-president and general counsel with offices in San Francisco.

He died at the age of 69 on July 14, 1935.