Harry Aloysius Mitchell January 1, 1949 - June 30, 1949

Born in San Francisco, California on June 20th, 1883 his railroad service began in 1907 as auditor of the Central California Traction Company. From 1911 to 1913, he was superintendent and general manager of the Central California Traction Company. In 1913 he became general manager of the Sacramento Short Line and has been president of the Sacramento Northern Railway since 1929 when the Sacramento Northern took over the Short Line. He was also president of the Tidewater Southern Railway and the Oakland Terminal Railway.

He succeeded the late Col. Mason as vice president and general manager of the WP on July 1, 1946 and was elected president January 1, 1949 to serve in that capacity until June 30, when he retired.

Mr. Mitchell also served as president of the California State Chamber of Commerce, president of the Rotary Club of San Francisco, district governor and a past chairman of the finance committee of Rotary International. He was also a former president of the California Transit Association and past president of the Pacific Railway Club. In 1949 he accepted the chairmanship of San Francisco's 1949 March of Dimes campaign.

Mr. Mitchell died on November 4, 1958 in San Francisco, California. He was 75 years old.